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Watch Reddit directly inside SMPlayer

This page allows you to watch the videos posted on Reddit like a TV channel directly inside SMPlayer and VLC Media Player though it does not work too well with VLC anymore but SMPlayer is great. For example, you can leave it playing like a TV on a seperate screen and the videos will always be interesting as they are those that upvoted the most by Redditors. 

How does it work?

this page generates a xspf playlist of URLs, which is a playlist format read by VLC.  
You can click on it and then open the xspf file with SMPlayer.

The videos hosts compatible so far are Youtube, Streamable, Gfycat, and Imgur gifv/webm (not gif though).

Featured :     anormaldayinrussia    youtubehaiku    funny    Music    videos    The_Donald    gaming    movies    aww    woahdude    interestingasfuck    Damnthatsinteresting    television    PublicFreakout                                   

Biggest subs (>100K subscribers):                            

  BuyItForLife    everymanshouldknow    financialindependence    relationships    Showerthoughts    HistoryPorn    holdmybeer    YouShouldKnow    UpliftingNews    Jokes    Steam    photoshopbattles    Celebs    CrappyDesign    Libertarian    EatCheapAndHealthy    gentlemanboners    fatpeoplestories    fantasyfootball    frugalmalefashion    Entrepreneur    investing    boardgames    gamedev    worldnews    guns    tattoos    FloridaMan    LetsNotMeet    lgbt    baseball    doctorwho    thedivision    personalfinance    creepy    pics    QuotesPorn    apple    TrueReddit    todayilearned    confession    jailbreak    shittyaskscience    youdontsurf    ContagiousLaughter    harrypotter    environment    AskHistorians    Drugs    OutOfTheLoop    iphone    Pareidolia    tipofmytongue    cordcutters    LifeProTips    asoiaf    AskMen    science    firstworldproblems    standupshots    history    gadgets    learnprogramming    polandball    CampingandHiking    asmr    netsec    travel    scifi    spaceporn    askscience    philosophy    educationalgifs    CringeAnarchy    CFB    FanTheories    EarthPorn    DoesAnybodyElse    pettyrevenge    CityPorn    electronic_cigarette    Guildwars2    DeepIntoYouTube    dataisbeautiful    nostalgia    justneckbeardthings    WTF    MilitaryPorn    Frisson    food    trippinthroughtime    NoStupidQuestions    creepyPMs    nfl    freebies    AdviceAnimals    SubredditDrama    wallpapers    ColorizedHistory    mildlyinteresting    books    TwoXChromosomes    wallpaper    psychology    entertainment    shittyfoodporn    malefashionadvice    RoomPorn    math    bestof    trashy    LadyBoners    reallifedoodles    youtubehaiku    dayz    CasualConversation    programming    coolguides    MealPrepSunday    pokemon    TheLastAirbender    OldSchoolCool    lego    ANormalDayInRussia    seduction    PenmanshipPorn    shittyreactiongifs    oldpeoplefacebook    explainlikeimfive    dogs    3DS    mildlyinfuriating    skyrim    Christianity    worldpolitics    TheRedPill    nononono    sweden    FoodPorn    teenagers    sysadmin    conspiracy    HighQualityGifs    self    IAmA    depression    britishproblems    UnresolvedMysteries    nonononoyes    reddit.com    Futurology    progresspics    Minecraft    blunderyears    CitiesSkylines    TumblrInAction    adventuretime    Foodforthought    KenM    whowouldwin    buildapcsales    photography    trees    geek    Fitness    beards    AbandonedPorn    WeAreTheMusicMakers    thatHappened    cringe    AskWomen    TheSimpsons    sex    Justrolledintotheshop    changemyview    roosterteeth    firstworldanarchists    PerfectTiming    cosplay    truegaming    wow    breakingbad    RetroFuturism    magicTCG    europe    facepalm    OSHA    news    Unexpected    relationship_advice    nosleep    itookapicture    GetMotivated    buildapc    drunk    reactiongifs    community    linux    writing    Homebrewing    Guitar    beer    woahdude    fatlogic    MakeupAddiction    oddlysatisfying    WritingPrompts    MapPorn    instant_regret    offbeat    DotA2    Cooking    theydidthemath    DIY    politics    technology    starcraft    funny    Python    Whatcouldgowrong    talesfromtechsupport    running    chemicalreactiongifs    Bitcoin    rickandmorty    dadjokes    woodworking    InternetIsBeautiful    carporn    TalesFromRetail    quityourbullshit    Diablo    Fallout    offmychest    australia    slowcooking    cringepics    iamverysmart    bodyweightfitness    thewalkingdead    gifs    Art    4chan    AskReddit    ArcherFX    gardening    unitedkingdom    MechanicalKeyboards    NetflixBestOf    xboxone    tumblr    interestingasfuck    Coffee    humor    heroesofthestorm    SkincareAddiction    lifehacks    business    Economics    circlejerk    Frugal    femalefashionadvice    calvinandhobbes    SandersForPresident    wheredidthesodago    GameDeals    battlestations    whatisthisthing    Damnthatsinteresting    DnD    loseit    CrazyIdeas    gif    cats    GifRecipes    BlackPeopleTwitter    NoFap    ProgrammerHumor    rage    comics    civ    videos    keto    engineering    webdev    bicycling    DestinyTheGame    nottheonion    RoastMe    raspberry_pi    Tinder    nintendo    comicbooks    cosplaygirls    space    atheism    PrettyGirls    me_irl  

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To refresh the playlist, pressing Play will not do, you need to re-click on the link here, or CTRL+N again and then Play

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    This page used to be hosted at vlc.tv but I let that domain drop because it was a failed experiment. It used to be about VLC but VLC doesn't work too well anymore. However I noticed that SMPlayer works very well!